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Aquarium Design & Installation Services

Crystal Clean Aquariums in the installation of standard and custom built aquariums for residential homes and commercial offices. We offer a wide variety of services for your aquarium needs. Our services include custom built aquariums Coral Reef, Fresh or Saltwater, monthly maintenance. We offer many different tank styles and shapes ranging in price and custom colors. You can view an example of two of our recent saltwater aquarium design and installation projects by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Aquarium Maintenance & Overhaul Services

Crystal Clean Aquariums provides complete aquarium installation and maintenance services to residential homes and businesses. Monthly maintenance services are based on the needs of the aquarium ranging from weekly to monthly. The following are some examples of our Monthly Maintenance services:

  • 20%-30% Water Change
  • Siphon Gravel
  • Cleaning of Glass
  • Decoration Cleaning
  • Water Testing & Analysis
  • Additives Trace Elements
  • Filtration & Heating Maintenance
  • Algae Removal

PLEASE CALLL TODAY and schedule an individual aquarium consultation.

Aquarium Relocation and Supplies Delivery Services

We also specialize in delivery of supplies, local delivery is free of charge. Our trucks are fully stocked with fish food, filtration needs, medications, heating and lighting needs. Tank relocation services are also available, inquire within.

Aquarium supplies include fish food, additives, medications, heating and lighting. Our trucks are fully stocked to meet all of your aquarium needs. Fish, corals, substrate, and live rock are also available upon request.

Aquarium Rental Services

Crystal Clean Aquariums offers aquariumrentals for commercial and residential properties throughout the Connecticut and Massachusettsregion. We handle all aspects of the installation and maintenanceof your aquariumincluding the introduction of livestock, which allows you to enjoy a beautifulmaintenancefree aquarium. We offer a large selection of livestock as well as the abilityto build a custom aquarium that will suit your businesses requirements and stay within your desired budget. An aquarium designed and installed by Crystal Clean Aquariumswill enhance your business environmentand allow you to make a positive impression on your customers and potential clients. CONTACT US TODAY to learn more about our aquarium leasing programs to see just how affordable and easy it is to add a new dimension to your business.

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